Who’s Got Leftover Ham from Easter???

I do!  I do!   So I went thru the traditional motions of making it into sammiches and a scalloped potato casserole.  I had just about two cups of diced ham left and I got to thinking what I could do with it.  Tired of heavy meals, I decided to use up all the veggies leftover from Easter too and make a pasta primavera dish.  It went something like this…

In a large sauté pan, add olive oil – two trips or so around the pan and heat on medium/high.  Add one diced Vidalia onion and caramelize.  Toss in three diced carrots and cook until it just starts to soften.  Add sliced red (any color will do) bell pepper and cook until it just starts to get tender, add sliced mushrooms and diced ham, followed by some sugar snap peas and one clove of garlic finely sliced.  Remove from heat and set aside.

Meanwhile, cook some penne pasta.  I like the Ronzoni Smart Taste brand.  It has fiber, calcium and vitamin D in it.  It also cooks perfectly – better than plain ol’ pasta.  Once cooked, drain and add the penne to the cooked veggies in the sauté pan.  Return to heat and for the sauce I added about three tablespoons of a fabulous sun dried tomato pesto I found.  Once heated through, I tossed in an assorted shaved Italian cheese blend I had and topped  with fresh sliced green onion.  That’s all she wrote – dinner is served!  Enjoy!

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